0.7.0 July 19th 2016

This is big release. Probably the biggest in the foreseeable future. Any and all code related to extracting and deserialization of values will need to change. No deprecation notices, sorry just code that fails to compile. But through this pain brings great improvements as the new API greatly simplifies extraction and deserialization. As a case study I re-wrote an EU4 savegame parser in nearly a day and it was a breeze to write. Hopefully the promise- land offsets any issues. Check out the updated tutorial to become accustomed.

  • Parser can now parse comments
  • Many previous functions now moved under the ParaValue module
  • Make all deserialization in terms of a new type ParaResult that is aliased to choice
  • Remove tryFind
  • Deserialization works can unwrap single instance arrays
  • Define slash operators to work like xpath
  • Allow collect to work on more than just objects

0.6.5 June 28th 2016

  • Performance increase when reading text files (40% speedup)

0.6.4 May 28th 2016

  • Add parsing of Stellaris variables
  • Add parsing of Stellaris colors

0.6.3 May 17th 2016

  • Add: Stellaris save format


  • Fix: Improve parsing of nested objects and lists


  • Fix: Include assembly info in resulting library

0.6.0 January 26th 2016

  • Move the dynamic lookup operator (?) to a package that is not auto opened by default, so as not to clash with other dynamic lookup operators in other libraries. The new module is Pfarah.Operators
  • Fix: Correctly parse objects where the first object is a empty object

0.5.1 November 17th 2015

  • Keep signatures of previous try functions in the Utils module. Though not used internally, the methods are helpful for other libraries when interpreting keys that may be dates.

0.5.0 November 14th 2015

  • Major performance increases (2x speedup)
  • Major memory reductions
  • Update to .NET 4.5

0.4.0 October 24th 2015

  • findOptional returns a much more idiomatic tuple
  • ToString now produces a prettified output

0.3.6 August 6th 2015

  • Third time is the charm with Paket and Nuget

0.3.5 August 6th 2015

  • Release proper NuGet packages
  • Update DotNetZip to 1.9.6

0.3.4 August 5th 2015

  • More robust textual date parsing
  • Update DotNetZip to 1.9.5

0.3.3 July 26th 2015

  • Update parsing to support Common Sense data types
  • Performance optimizations in iron man parsing
  • Support higher precision numbers

0.3.2 - June 23rd 2015

  • Fix interpretation of empty '{}' in binary format from arrays to objects
  • Fix int vs. uint binary type detection
  • Interpret binary dates of 1.1.1 correctly

0.3.1 - June 21st 2015

  • Swap zip implementation for one that works

0.3.0 - June 19th 2015

  • Add ability to parse ironman saves
  • Add ability to parse compressed saves
  • Rename static ParaValue functions to highlight between plain text and binary parsing
  • Add basic ToString functionality to ParaValue


  • Cleaned up some of the code
  • Add rudimentary saving


  • Rename DoubleParse file to Utils
  • Rename DoubleParse.tryParse to Utils.tryDoubleParse
  • Add tryDateParse to Utils
  • Add xDefault functions to easy handling of None cases


  • Fix parsing empty objects at the end of another object


  • Add findOptional to API


  • Fix the implementation of tryFind to follow documented API

0.1.1 - A Proper Release

  • Fix the image url link on Nuget to point to this project's logo
  • Fix author's name and email in metadata

0.1.0 - Initial Release

  • Initial Release
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